Matteo Cardamone, design leader based in Torino

I coordinate your creative team, getting the best from people and resources.

I am specialized in project management and creative direction, developing my strategies on shared work and human connections.




I coordinate internal teams in communication agencies, working on projects that need a managerial and creative sprint or on leading new business opportunities.



Companies and agencies often choose to work with freelancers teams. There is an efficient way to manage the needs and ambitions of each of those designers.



The organizational aspects of the job are considered a burden for a freelance. My abilities can help in client management, project timing and creative direction.



Project management

Establishing a comfort zone and stimulating team connections, we can help team members to express themselves at their best.

Creative direction

If we create a product story, we are forced to set the goals of the communication before proceeding with the design.


We could encourage the behaviors that make the team stronger if we invest our energies serving others.


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